910630: (「Bob esponja」)
910630 ([personal profile] 910630) wrote on April 22nd, 2012 at 12:26 am
PKMN Black ► progress
Black Version
1807 6992 5266

In-Game Status
national dex: 238 seen, 40 obtained
unova dex: 140 seen, 34 obtained
- terminé la historia principal (25.03.2012) ahora me preparo para volver a la E4
- empezar a atrapar más pokeymanz


Hall of Fame

The Team

Lv. 40
naive Nature

Lv. 57
mild Nature

Lv. 58
Hasty Nature

Lv. 58
Bashful Nature

Lv. 58
Quirky Nature

Lv. 60
Relaxed Nature

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